Essential oils are highly concentrated and extremely powerful, are harvested and processed on an industrial scale, and have big impacts on plants and communities. They do have valid uses in the hands of qualified healers, but they're unnecessary in everyday personal care products. 

Besides the impacts of the essential oil industry on human and plant communities and on ecosystems and their potential harms when used excessively, over-use of essential oils for fragrance harms our ability to discern subtleties of scent.

Frequent or constant loud noise, brightly flashing screens filled with fast moving imagery, too much white sugar and other highly processed foods, and too much fragrance, both "natural" and otherwise, are among the things that dull our senses and reduce our ability to connect with and enjoy the natural world. 

The more of these stimulants we use, the more we need to use in order to hear, feel, or smell anything meaningful.

So that's the long and the short about why you won't find essential oils in our soap or in anything else we make.