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About donating to ARealGreenLife

​About donating to ARealGreenLife

All of the writing on ARealGreenLife is free and always will be.

Why? Because firstly, this is not "my" information. Its ours. And secondly, because the ​sum of what I have learned through reading free information on other people's websites is priceless, and this is a way of paying it forward.

But. We do have bills to pay​, and a significant monthly cost for ​our family is the running of this website.

​So. When a kind and generous reader recently asked ​if he could donate, I figured out how to ​add ​the necessary button​.

You can scroll down ​to find ​the donate button again (at the bottom on the right) if you want to, now that you're done reading here. 

​There is no minimum amount, and your donation can be ​once only or ​recurring. ​If you have any questions about it, please contact me