DIY Bathroom Basics
Workshop Series

DIY Basic Bathroom Products

Quick, easy recipes. Replace toxic bathroom products using simple, healthy, inexpensive ingredients.

In the bathroom aisle of the supermarket, you spend hard earned money on mostly unnecessary products full of toxins that leave a trail of pollution and destruction in their wake. 

If you've found your way here, it's probably because you want safer, cleaner, more ethical alternatives. And they have to be alternatives that don't break the bank and that don't take hours of your time to make. 

Bathroom Basics is an upcoming Series of online Workshops

Bathroom Basics is under construction, one Workshop at a time. As they become available, I invite subscribers to participate in the Workshops for free*

The first Workshop to become available will be DIY Toothpaste. Find out more about DIY Toothpaste, here.

What will the Workshops cover?

Workshop topics may include (but may not be limited to): 

  • DIY Toothpaste - how to replace commercial toothpastes with a few simple, non-toxic ingredients that are far more effective at keeping your teeth and gums healthy than the expensive gick in the tubes
  • DIY Shampoo and Hair Conditioner - how to save a small fortune in hair care products, wash your hair less often,  produce less waste, and have cleaner, healthier hair
  • Basic home-based herbal care for minor injuries - how I use weeds and easy-to-grow herbs from my backyard to care for my family. (Keep in mind I am not a herbalist; the whole point is that home-based herbal medicine does not require special education. And it's working for us: we've been to a GP/Medical Doctor once in the last 13 years.)
  • Basic Soap - how to make very simple soaps from scratch at home, so you can avoid the fragrances and other unnecessary additives in off-the-shelf soaps 

Please note that I'll probably change/add to these Workshop topics as I go along.

You won't believe how simple this is

The last thing you need in your life is more complexity in your life. Right?

These recipes are SIMPLE. This is not about replacing bathroom aisle dependence with rigorous or time-consuming processes. 

Now I have nothing against luxurious self-care. (You totally deserve it!)

HoweverI also have a fair idea how overwhelming it might feel to be contemplating adding One. More. Thing. to the list of things you already have on your plate.  

If your days are anything like mine, by the time you take care of the necessities there’s scant time left over for worrying about how luxuriant your bathroom routine is.

For me, if it gets us clean, keeps us healthy, reduces our use of plastics, and keeps the water running down our drain pipes clean, that's SO much better than when I was buying the gick in the tubes and bottles.

Just to not be reliant on the supermarket anymore, and to save all that money I used to spend on bathroom products, that's luxurious!

Hi, I'm Kate

I started making my own basic bathroom products over 12 years ago when my first child was a baby.

When I learned what was in the supermarket versions of the products in my bathroom, and how simple and economical it was to make my own alternatives, making my own became something I simply couldn't afford not to do.

Now, as a full-time homeschooling parent, homemaker, gardener, farmer, and writer, making the basic bathroom necessities I'll show you in this Workshop is still a regular part of my routine. 

How do I register my interest/find out more?

  • STEP ONE: You need to be a subscriber. (If you're not and you'd like to be, you can do that using the "sign me up!" button below; it will lead you through the process and you can then go to step two.)
  • STEP TWO: Click the link "Register your interest in DIY Toothpaste," which you'll find in the bottom of any email you've received from me.  (DIY Toothpaste is the first Workshop in the Series; once you register your interest for it, I'll also send you info about all the other Workshops as they become available.)

*How come DIY Toothpaste is free? Will it be free forever?

When this Series of Workshops is complete, I will put them together into an eCourse which I'll then make available for purchase.