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​On this page I introduce the topic of "Thinking Differently" ​and why I think its ​the most important aspect​ of any effort to ​live a better life or to make a ​difference to anything.  ​

​To really make a difference
​​​​The only part of the equation you can control is yourself.

To really make a difference to anything, and for that difference to stick, you need to start with the only part of the equation ​you have any real power ​​over – ​yourself. ​

​It may seem counter-intuitive, but by ​prioritizing ​your self and your own habits of thought and action, you hone the ​most important tool you have for working on whatever ​matters to you. 

​​​Your ​identity, ​ideology and ​worldview​ determine the thoughts you think, and in turn they determine how you ​experience the world, and ​how you are able to influence it.

By ​better understanding your own thinking, and by examining the kinds of ​thinking—collective and individual—that led to where we are today, ​you have a chance to see how ​you might change your ​thinking in ways that ​make it easier to make a difference.

"We won't succeed in solving the challenges we face by continuing with the same kinds of thinking that caused them.” 

​Albert Einstein 

​Thinking Differently on ARealGreenLife
​​​"Thinking Differently" explores the ideology that gives rise to the kind of world we live in, and how we might change our thinking in ways that could help make a difference.

On other green living blogs you'll find lots of "what-to-do" and "how-to-do-it." These are very ​helpful, and I sometimes join the chorus ​in my Sustainable Living ​topic archive.  (Available under the Blog tab in the top menu.)

​​But in my opinion, "what-to-do" and "how-to-do-it" become much more useful ​tools for real change if we couple them with "who-I-am" and "why-I'm-doing-it."

​The better ​you know yourself and understand what influences your thinking and behavior, and ​the better ​you are at focusing your attention ​on what's important to you, the more effective ​you'll be.

This topic - Thinking Differently - is where I explore the ideology that gives rise to the kind of world we live in, who we think we are and how much power we think we have in the world, and how we might change our thinking in ways that could help make a difference.

Thinking Differently Archive

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