​Towards Real and Green

This Series of posts shares our story​ in a bit more detail. 

​Where ​Alain and I came from, the experiences that ​shaped us, and the realizations that prompted ​us to jump ship from a globetrotting lifestyle in the Natural Horsemanship industry to become homeschooling parents and permaculture farmers. ​

​These are some of the steps we've taken so far, on ​our journey toward real and green. 

About Our Backgrounds

(Part 1 in a Series)

Our beginnings in rural Australia and a small town in Switzerland, our meeting in Colorado, USA, and our switch from Natural Horsemanship to a journey towards real and green.

Expanding Awareness

(Part 2 in a Series)

The fabric of wholeness that once gave us a sense of purpose and belonging—connecting us into a web of responsibility, relationships and health among family, community and nature—has come undone.

Re-examining Freedom

(Part 3 in a Series)

The story of our time says this is normal: to be chained to debt and schedules, to have no control over where our food originates, to be walled off from nature, and to be more connected to each other via screens than in person.

A real green life: for ​you, your family, and our living planet.

​The Lucky Creek Farm Story