How to train the Lizard in Your Brain

​​Why You Procrastinate, and What ​To Do About It

Did you know there’s a lizard in your brain that’s the source of all your resistance to difficult, boring, intimidating or uncomfortable tasks?  

And that this lizard can be re-trained, to help you reach your goals instead of sabotaging them?

This 5-Part Series of ​articles will introduce you to the lizard, and show you how to work with its talents​, rather than constantly trying to suppress it.

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What's in the Series?

In Part 1, I’ll explain the human brain structure in very simple terms. We’ll meet ​your “lizard brain”and find out what makes it tick. By the end of Part One, you’ll understand why procrastination and avoidance are such frustratingly common human behaviors.

In Part 2, we’ll see how Permaculture principles—or just plain common sense—can help you re-cast the role of the lizard from foe to friend, so it will help you reach your goals instead of sabotaging them.

And in Parts 3 , 4 and 5 we’ll look at some examples of ​working with human nature, rather than against it, to ​achieve the things that matter to you.

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What do Lizards, Procrastination, and Permaculture principles have to do with Your Brain?

(Part 1 in a Series)

Introducing the lizard that lives in the base of your skull: the source of all your resistance to difficult, boring, or uncomfortable tasks.

What do Lizards and Procrastination have to do with Your Brain?

(Part 2 in a Series)

Feeling overwhelmed, distracted, unmotivated, or unable to prioritize effectively, are not “weaknesses.” They are strategies that your lizard brain uses to try to keep you safe and comfortable in the present moment.

How to make distractions lead you where you want to go

(Part 3 in a Series)

You have a lizard on the control panel who is obsessed with comfort and wants immediate gratification. What can you do to work with this, instead of fighting it?

How to influence your own behavior, in advance

(Part 4 in a Series)

The question is not, "Will you be distracted?" but, "What will distract you?" Is there a way to design the path of least resistance so it still leads in the right direction?

How to get beyond overwhelm

(Part 5 in a Series)

When you picture something important that you want to change / create / develop, your lizard identifies every potential threat to your project. Result: You feel like it won't be safe to start, till you know how to deal with Every. Little. Detail.

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