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Exploring the "Gift Economy" Concept

All of the writing on ARealGreenLife is free. For me, sharing these ideas with you is a way of engaging with Life that feels deeply satisfying, deeply "right."  

(Yes, I recognize how fortunate I am in being able to identify my "calling;" I know that in itself is a gift that many people feel unable to access.)

AND... For me to give myself to this work to the extent that I would like to, I need it to earn an income.

So I have these two, apparently opposing things going on here:

  • THING #1: I want to give this work to the world.
  • THING #2: I need to earn a living.  

I could work on this website in my spare time, as a hobby, and serve coffee or stack shelves to earn my living. But if I did that then a few other things would attach themselves to it:

  • I'd be less happy and there'd be less that could be of service here on this website
  • I'd be participating in the world with a carrot and stick mentality
  • I'd be saying its okay to have to do work you dislike just for the money. That only the lucky few get to do work they love and get paid a fair living for it, and you and I ain't part of the lucky few. Just because that's currently true for far too many people, doesn't mean we shouldn't set out to change it.
  • I'd be participating in a story of scarcity and lack without questioning it or working to envision something better. 

Those are some of the reasons I offer you my writing here, as a gift. If you feel moved to make a return gift, you can do that here. Or, keep reading for more... the next two sections are about about gifts, carrots, and sticks.

I'd also gladly accept support in the form of gifts such as bread, pumpkins, or other physical things, only those don't transfer over the internet

About the "Gift Economy"

With all of the above in mind, I'm in the beginning stages of an exploration into how I might align ARealGreenLife with something called "the gift economy."

The obvious way for me to participate in it is to make my writing on ARealGreenLife completely free, on a "pass-it-onward" basis. 

You might pass it onward to others by contributing financially to my work, which supports me in making more content, faster, for others to make use of.

You might pass it onward in some other direction by contributing financially to something else that's important to you.

Or you might pass it onward in a non-monetary way. Maybe you breath a sigh of gratitude for something here that resonates with you or empowers you in some way, and the resulting spaciousness you feel enables you to be more patient and emotionally generous today with yourself or your kids, or to extend a helping hand or a listening ear to a friend or neighbor in need. 

Those would all be ways of passing on the gift. 

I like gifts better than sticks and carrots

I'd much rather be working in a gift mentality than a stick and carrot mentality.

I'd rather be creating content on ARealGreenLife because I love doing it, than because I need the income from it.

However, that presents an obvious problem: I want to create a LOT more content on ARealGreenLife, and unless I can find a way to earn an income through it, I'll never be able to be as wholehearted and generous with this work as I want to be.

So, I need to explore how to earn a "right living" through this work, so that I can give ARealGreenLife the best of me, rather than just what's left over of me.

What shape that will ultimately take I don't know. For now, my writing is free and my online Workshops and Courses will be available for purchase (there is only one Workshop so far, but there will be more, in time).

Until now we have played, as children do, with our individual talents and with the gifts of culture and technology.

Now, we are coming of age to be able to play without making a mess.

The transition we're experiencing collectively now requires us to 'grow up' and use our gifts for healing, repair, reconciliation, and the creation of a more beautiful world.

The task before us is to align money with the true expression of our gifts."

~ Paraphrased from the work of Charles Eisenstein, including this 12 minute video about "Sacred Economics."

Thank you for visiting this page and reading all the way through it

Whether or not you've chosen to contribute,  if you've read all the way to the bottom of this page then you are, in a sense, supporting the concept of a "gift economy." You're entertaining the idea and wondering how to make it work, just as I am. Thank you.

Make a contribution to support my work

If you're enjoying my work, your contribution will support me in creating more of it, faster. Here's what to do:

STEP 1: If you want to come back to this page after making a contribution, open this page in a new tab in your browser now so that you'll be able to get back to it.

Unfortunately, the page that will process your payment will not send you back here.

STEP 2: The "make a contribution" button below will take you to a secure payment page where you can make a gift of any dollar amount you choose (minimum $1), once off or recurring. Payment is via PayPal or you can use a credit or debit card. 

Thank you!

Maybe you'd like to comment...

Tech savvy person that I am (not), I haven't yet figured out how to make comments available on this page. But I'd really like to hear what you think about what I've written here.