How to make distractions lead you where you want to go

​How to make distractions lead where you want to go

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​​How can you get to what's important, when ​energy-sapping mess and ​time-wasting distractions keep leading you astray?

​​You ​have important, worthwhile projects you want to work on. B​ut some days ​you struggle ​to motivate yourself to get the washing folded. ​

​Humans are easily distracted from tasks that are important and valid, but that feel difficult or uncomfortable, because there is a lizard on the control panel who is obsessed with comfort and wants immediate gratification.

Every time your focus wavers, your lizard brain seizes its chance to immerse you in ​comfort.

Then you “wake up” a short time later, wondering how you got from ​"I REFUSE to be distracted by those cookies one more time!" the bottom of the empty cookie jar.

What can we do to work with this, rather than fighting it?

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