​​Reduce your footprint. Save money. Live better. 

​It's time to stop relying on unsustainable and unethical supply systems.

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    Why reducing your supermarket dependence is a powerful way to make a difference
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    30+ items I no longer buy from the supermarket, and what I do instead
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    ​Ideas and resources to help you reduce your footprint, save money and live better
"Concrete strategies..."

"Easy to understand. You gave concrete actions and strategies (and recipes!) that I can use.

That you are still working towards your own goals for ditching the supermarket allowed me to feel ok about where I’m at with it."

~ Chelsey
"​Helpful ​if you don't know where to start..."

"I've enjoyed your eBook about ditching the supermarket.

I think it would definitely be helpful for people who are wanting to reduce their dependence on the supermarket, but don't know where to start."

~ Erika
"A compelling argument..."

“Just a note to congratulate you on your wonderful piece re ditching the supermarket!

You covered a lot of complex ground succinctly and made a compelling argument.”

~ Patti

​Ditching the Supermarket

​It's a goal of mine to get to where our family can live without the supermarket.

"Ditching the Supermarket" is about our journey toward supermarket independence - the why and the how. I'll be updating it regularly, as our journey continues.