​​Reduce your footprint. Save money. Live better. 

​It's time to stop relying on unsustainable systems that burn fossil fuels and deplete ecosystems.
Governments and corporations aren't doing it, so we must do it ourselves, in our own kitchens, gardens and communities.
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    Why reducing your supermarket dependence is a powerful way to make a difference
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    30+ items I no longer buy from the supermarket, and what I do instead
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    ​Ideas and resources to help you reduce your footprint, save money and live better
​A compelling argument...

“Just a note to congratulate you on your wonderful piece re ditching the supermarket!

You covered a lot of complex ground succinctly and made a compelling argument.”

~ Patti
​Helpful​ for people who don't know where to start...

"I've enjoyed your ebook about ditching the supermarket.

I think it would definitely be helpful for people who are wanting to reduce their dependence on the supermarket, but don't know where to start."

~ Erika
​Ditching the Supermarket

​It's a goal of mine to get to where our family can live without the supermarket.

"Ditching the Supermarket" is about our journey toward supermarket independence - the why and the how. I'll be updating it regularly, as our journey continues.