How to get beyond overwhelm

​How to get beyond overwhelm 

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little lizard standing alert

Do you put off large or intimidating projects till later, like I do?

You'd really like to get to it, but you keep getting the feeling that it would be better to wait till after ____. (I'm sure you can fill in the blank.)

​Why, when we know a project is important and worthwhile, is it so hard to start on it?

​Its all to do with your lizard brain1 trying to keep you safe. The lizard is constantly on the look-out for possible threats. ​When you picture something important in your life that you want to change / create / develop, your lizard goes on a spree of identifying every potential threat, every little detail that could possibly derail your project.

Result: You feel like it won’t be safe to start, till you know how to deal with Every. Little. Detail.

Is there a way to get around the watch dog? Maybe even put its talents to good use?

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​(This is Part 5 in a Series.)

  1. ​​​​The oldest parts of the human brain keep our bodies working without our conscious involvement and provide basic survival motivations. Because they are essentially unchanged since the reptilian phase of our evolution, this brain region has been referred to as the ​"reptilian brain​" or ​"lizard brain.​"              

    In moments when you are stressed, distracted, fearful or uncomfortable, ​this ancient part of the brain can completely bypass the newer brain regions ​to make rapid, compelling decisions about your safety or comfort.      

    This is what I have referred to throughout this Series as ​"the lizard brain taking over in an effort to keep you safe or comfortable.​"