How to influence your own behavior, in advance

​How to influence your own behavior, in advance

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We all have our best moments, when we’re focused, productive and happy.

And we all have moments where nothing is so compelling as checking our Facebook  feed to compare ourselves with those who are happier and more productive than we are, while absently dipping a spoon into a tub of something sweet and comforting.

Sticking to useful habits and avoiding time-wasters has nothing to do with will power in ​those not-so-​focused moments.

When you're tired and your focus falters, something is going to catch your attention.

It might be something super-compelling (like your Facebook feed), or it might just be something with immediate proximity ​ at eye height or right in your path, (like the junk food at the check-out counter). 

Whatever it is, its going to lure you off the high road, onto the path of least resistance.

The question is not, “Will you be distracted?” but, “What will distract you?” Is there a way to design the path of least resistance so it still leads in the right direction?

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