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About ​the content ​on ARealGreenLife

​The content written here is not "mine," in the sense that everything ​I write is informed by everything I've read, seen, heard and experienced.

Everything is connected; no-one writes or creates anything in a vacuum, all by themselves. (There is a flip side to this, ​which I'll ​mention in ​a minute.)

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​There is of course a flip side to what I said above ​about no-one writing or creating all by themselves. Like everyone who ​labors ​to bring something forth to share with the world, ​I do ​work ​my tail off, ​alone, for long hours. ​

I work on this website somewhere between 3 and 7am, most mornings, before I start my "day job" of full time mothering, homeschooling, gardening, and farming. 

So the second thing I ask of you when you share, given how hard I have worked to bring you this content, is to please acknowledge where it came from with a link back to the source.

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