Readers’ Comments

​Readers' Comments 

​​“​​...gentle, inspiring words.” 

​ ~ Melita

​​“​​Just a note to congratulate you on your wonderful piece re ditching the supermarket! You covered a lot of complex ground succinctly and made a compelling argument.” 

​ ~ Patti

​​“​​I especially loved reading about co-milking Pixie with her calf drinking at the same time – so natural, perfect for human, cow and calf on every level. 

​If I'm ever at the stage of getting my own house cow, this is how I'm

​ ~ Sarah

​​“​The article on happy meat ... went to areas I'd never thought of. Made me have a chuckle at what one could get up to.” 

​ ~ Gina 

​​“​​I liked the story of yours and Alain's backgrounds. I found myself immersed and really enjoyed it."

​ ~ Rich