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Two Different Kinds of Healthcare – Part 1

​Two Different Kinds of Healthcare - Part 1

Part 1 of 2 ​​​Approximately a 6 ​minute read | ​​Original version published ​30/1/19, on PermacultureNews.org

health relies on a foundation of family and community, natural remedies, real food, and healthy living habits

​​​​​Our culture loves the quick fix. 

The quicker it works and the less effort we have to put into it, the better we like it. We have fast food, fast internet, fast aps, and... ​pharmaceutical ​medicine. 

​Pharmaceutical medicine is ​the medical equivalent of fast food ​– its fast, its convenient, and it erodes our health over time​. 

​In contrast, at-home healthcare and natural remedies are like home-cooked, real food​ ​they take more time and effort and they ​work more slowly​.

​​​​​Over time, ​at-home healthcare ​and natural ​remedies build robust ​health on many levels, individual and collective.

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Real Milk

​Real Milk

(Approximately an 8 minute read)

There's something so peaceful about hand milking, about being in the presence of a ​calm cow, who is calm, in part, because her calf is with her. And there's something so "right" about bringing that billy full of warm, frothy, just-out-of-the-cow milk into my kitchen.

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