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The Dark Moon – Realigning Ourselves With the Rhythm of Life

The Dark Moon - Realigning Ourselves with the Rhythm of Life

about a 6 to 7 minute read

To me, the dark of the moon used to just mean that I didn't need an eye mask to in order to sleep deeply. But, turns out, there's more to my deep, peaceful sleep during the dark of the moon than just the lack of light. 

The moon is known to influence the ocean and its tides, the flow of sap and the life force in our gardens, and the behavior of many different birds, animals, and crustaceans. I'm learning that if we choose to pay attention, it can also indicate ways that we humans can align ourselves with the rhythms and cycles of life in our efforts to bring ourselves back into harmony with nature.

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Spring Equinox – Journaling to Invite Balance

Spring Equinox - Journaling to Invite Balance

about a 5 minute read 

The Equinoxes mark the two points in the year round of the seasons where the number of hours of daylight and darkness are roughly equal, and so they are a good time to invite balance into our lives. This post introduces the Wheel of the Year and shares my Journaling practice for the Spring Equinox, since I'm in the Southern Hemisphere. I've included a brief note for Northern Hemisphere readers too, who have just marked the Autumn Equinox.

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The Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life

(about a 2 minute read)

The universal cycle of life—birth/emergence, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death/dormancy, and rebirth—is present in the background regardless of where or how we live.

Our culture, particularly our economic system, does not align itself with the cycle of life.

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