Ditching the Supermarket

Natural Oral Care & DIY Toothpaste (BETA - CLOSED)

1 Module 5 Lessons Easy

About this Workshop

Modern dentistry focuses on treatments after things have already gone wrong, rather than on empowerment, whole health, and prevention. And toothpastes, even most "natural" ones, contain toxic ingredients that are just plain BAD for oral health.

What you'll find in this Workshop: 

  • learn the principles of natural oral care to keep your teeth healthy preventatively, from the inside out;

  • learn exactly what ingredients are in those convenient, sweet, smooth, foamy, off-the-shelf toothpastes and why they're in there (it's not to help you clean your teeth);

  • learn how to replace them with simple, inexpensive, health-promoting ingredients that take just minutes to put together (you have most of them, already in your kitchen);

  • take a step toward disengaging from the supermarket supply chain; that damages everything it touches; and 
  • begin to take back your personal power for basic home-based healthcare.

Quick, easy quizzes

Each lesson ends with a quick little quiz to test your understanding and help you make decisions about what to do next. 

Workshop Structure

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Introducing ORAL health as part of OVERALL health

The dental care map we've been given is incomplete, inadequate, and dis-empowering. Learn how you can do much, much better for yourself and your family.

Includes 4 simple components of home-based oral care. 

Toxic Toothpaste Ingredients (OPTIONAL)

Everything we’ve been taught to expect toothpastes to do is achieved using toxic ingredients that have nothing to do with oral health

Lists the characteristics we expect in a modern toothpaste, the typical ingredients used to achieve them,  and how these ingredients impact our health.  And, lots more optional reading if you want to go down the rabbit hole.

If you just want to get straight into replacing your toothpaste with better alternatives, you can skip this lesson and move on to the next one.

Safe, Natural Ingredients – understanding how they work and preparing to make recipes

In this lesson I’ll describe each ingredient we'll be using in our recipes and explain exactly how they support the health of your teeth, gums, and oral microbiome. Includes steps to prepare for the next lesson.


Here, I’ll demonstrate making 3 recipes. Includes printouts of the recipes with the pros and cons our family has come up with in more than 12 years of using them.


Includes a complete listing of ALL the resources mentioned throughout the Workshop (there are lots), all in one download for easy reference. And, tips and strategies for bringing your family on board with your new tooth cleaning mixtures, as well as setting yourself up for success so that you will never need the toothpaste section of the bathroom aisle again. 

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