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Happy Meat, Happy Ecosystems, Happy People

Cattle standing under trees

Happy Meat, Happy Ecosystems, Happy People

About a 10 minute read
21st Feb, 2022

What is "happy meat?"

Is meat-eating inherently destructive, or can we have “happy ecosystems” along with happy meat?

What does meat-eating mean for human health on a more-than physical levelAnd what about avoiding eating animal products because you care about animals' welfare?

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Raising Pigs – Fence Training

RAISING PIGS: ​Fence Training

Part 4 of a Series | 5 minute read | Also published on PermacultureNews.org

​All fencing arrangements but one, to a pig, are an invitation to scratch, lean, and shove until the fence has been mangled beyond recognition and the pig goes where it wants.

The one kind of fence that pigs won’t lean on is an electric fence. But electric fence is more a psychological barrier to a pig than a physical one and it’s important to give them the right impressions of electric fences from the very beginning.

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Raising Pigs – Mobile Pens vs Pigs in One Place

RAISING PIGS: Mobile vs Stationary Pens for Pigs

​Part 1 of a Series | 5 to 6 minute read | Also published at PermacultureNews.org

Assuming you want your pigs to be able to enjoy natural behaviors like digging in living soil, foraging for fresh foods, and wallowing, do they need to be moved frequently onto fresh ground? 

Strategies for housing and feeding pigs vary according to circumstances, and in particular will depend on whether you keep your pigs in one place and can build permanent structures for them, or you want to move them around and need mobile infrastructure.

We’ve tried both – moving pigs around and keeping them in one place. This article shares what we have (so far) found to be the pros and cons of mobile versus stationary pig raising systems, and why we are currently trailing a stationary arrangement for our pigs.

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On Eating Meat

On Eating Meat

(This post is approximately a 7 to 9 minute read.)

"Happy meat" comes from animals raised in ecosystems, not cages, and never crowded or rushed.

We eat only happy meat – meat from our own animals that lived happy lives as part of a complete ecosystem, not in pens or cages, and without stress and tension caused by crowding, rushing, or inappropriate feeds or medications. 

Could you produce some of your own animal foods even if you don't live on acreage? 

What if you can't, or don't want, to raise your own animals? Can you still eat happy meat?

What if you've chosen a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to care for animals and protect them from exploitation?

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How Did Organ Meats Become “Offal” (Awful)?

How Did Organ Meats Become "Awful" (Offal)?

​(Approximately a 7 minute read)

​​​Organ meats were the animals' most precious gift to humanity.

Universally, in traditional cultures, organ meats were eaten first, with reverence, and often raw.

A family or community gathered around a carcass, gave thanks and honored the life of the animal, then ate the precious organs before processing the rest of the meat. Organ meats were the animals’ most nutritious, most powerful, gift to humanity.

In modern society, we tend to be repelled by the idea of eating organ meats. What happened?

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