​You want ​real values, ​real food, ​a healthy ​family...

... and to leave your children ​a planet that still has blue whales and wild rhinos, right?

​Me too.

​Hi, I'm Kate.

​Join me on an exploration into thinking ​​differently​ and ​​living a more natural, connected and sustainable life...

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"Challenged to question my world view..."

"ARealGreenLife is an honest look at genuine, thought-provoking topics.

Kate shares her family's journey away from the dominant ideology of our 'mainstream' world, and subtly invites the reader to reflect on their own lifestyle - without ever preaching or taking the high moral ground.

As a homeschooling Mum pursuing a more meaningful life for my family, ARealGreenLife feels like familiar territory for me, while also challenging me to question and extend my existing world view."  

"Understanding oneself first sure makes sense..."

"Love your concept & non-threatening education mode.

Some of the information seems so common sense.

Following the brief introduction to articles makes it so easy to choose something to read or not. The information is easy to read and comprehend.

Reading ARealGreenLife offers people the opportunity to question what, where, how and why they live the way they do.

The idea of understanding oneself first sure makes sense."

"Inspirational and informative..."

"Reading Kate's blog feels like going on a journey with her and her family.

If you're interested in living better and more sustainably, this is a great place to get the information you need.

Kate's blog is both inspirational and informative; she will tell you what you can do better, how to go about it and why it's important (without ever talking down to you).

As a bonus - Kate is a wonderful writer and imbues everything with her sense of humor, making it entertaining as well as informative.

Totally recommended."


A real green life

for ​you, your family, and our living planet.