You want real values, real food, and a healthy family.

And you want to leave your children a thriving planet Earth

that still has blue whales and wild rhinos. Right? 

Me too.

You want real values, real food, and a healthy family.

And you want to leave your children a thriving planet Earth

that still has blue whales and wild rhinos. Right? 

Me too.

Hi, I'm Kate

Please join me on an exploration into thinking more freely, out-growing consumerism, and living a more natural, connected, and sustainable life...

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Readers have said...

"Honest, genuine, thought provoking...

Kate shares her journey away from the ideology of our 'mainstream' world, without ever preaching or taking the high moral ground.

As a homeschooling Mum pursuing a more meaningful life for my family, ARealGreenLife supports me in questioning and expanding my existing world view."  


"Love your non-threatening, easy to read, commonsense style.

Reading ARealGreenLife offers people the opportunity to question what, where, how, and why they live the way they do. 

The idea of understanding oneself first sure makes sense."


"Inspirational and informative.

Reading Kate's blog feels like going on a journey with her and her family. It's both inspirational and informative; she will tell you what you can do better, how to go about it and why it's important (without ever talking down to you).

As a bonus - Kate is a wonderful writer and imbues everything with her sense of humor, making it entertaining as well. Totally recommended."


"Truly helpful through career and life transitions...

I'm a new subscriber and just wanted to take a moment to say 'Thank You.'

Your insights have been truly been helpful for me as I work to find a happier and more meaningful place to reside mentally, spiritually and physically."


"No fluff.

So much interesting and important info, neatly packaged, no fluff. "


"A way forward that rings true holistically...

Thank you, Kate, for the way you weave research with your own experience and then use these streams of understanding to bring context to the things we humans are struggling with psychologically/ spiritually/ emotionally.

You offer a way forward that rings true in a holistic way that can be applied to daily life.


"Insightful ideas and concepts...

I love your stuff - you come up with very insightful ideas and concepts. For example, I never realized that essential oils had become such a big industry that it was impacting on the environment.


"Food for thought...

I subscribe to quite a few homestead/green lifestyle newsletters. Yours is so relatable, informative, and gives excellent food for thought; Get Off the Bus is a great example. Thanks so much for your work. Cheers from a Nova Scotia!"  


Raven's Ridge Permaculture

"Lucid insights...

Thank you Kate. You express your insights and understandings lucidly...

I appreciate the broad perspective you share on subjects that are meaningful to you—social, spiritual, environmental, economical—and the research and reading you do to inform your writing."


"Realizing how numb we are...

Dear Kate, Thank you for posting such deep and thought provoking blog posts. ... I think you are doing a great service to make us all aware of the consequences of our actions. It makes me realize how numb we are, and how comfortable it is to be numb, just doing what everyone else does and not questioning the real, true and deep impacts of our lives."  

Reader response

"I'm home.

"Reading ARealGreenLife, I have the ‘I'm home’ feeling of being with a friend with whom you can shamelessly wear that very old sweater you would never wear in public."