August 7, 2022

Spring​ is the time to look at the “seeds” or intentions we’ve been gestating over winter, to choose those with the best chances of surviving and thriving, and to let go of the rest of them. As in the garden, so in our inner lives. ​Otherwise, ​your coming “growing season” ​may be filled with too ​much stuff, or with stuff that isn’t serving you. And if it isn’t serving you then it also won’t be serving your world, which is an extension of you.

First Day of Spring (Southern Hemisphere)
August 1, 2022

This post shares lots of pics and a few tips on growing and harvesting ginger, and making ginger honey to settle coughs and for colds, flu, and general immune support. There are also some pics and tips on arrowroot harvesting and replanting, since we sometimes grow these two plants together.

Harvesting Ginger, Making Ginger Honey
June 26, 2022

Our “story,” of how the world works and who we are, is like a script that prompts our choices and actions. There is a new story available to us that prompts cooperative and life affirming behaviors rather than competitive and exploitative ones. Indigenous peoples and eastern spirituality have been indicating it, and the newest sciences are finally now “discovering” it. It’s a story that would put us on an entirely different trajectory. 

What’s Going To Happen Next?
June 23, 2022

There’s a reason why the words “food crisis” are making headlines, and it might not be the reason you think. Also in this post: three other random, hopeful things.

Food – are we facing a Crisis or an Opportunity?
June 20, 2022

The lunar cycle offers us a template for reconnecting to Nature and living in more balanced, regenerative ways. In this post: lunar cycle and full moon concepts I’ve been learning about, along with the journal prompts I use at the time of the Full Moon.

What will the Full Moon Reveal for You?
May 25, 2022

Sometimes change asks more of us than we have to give, and we break. Sometimes we recover, but whether we recover or not, there is no going back to what we were before the change. We’re transformed us, forever, into something different than we were before. Here’s why I feel that this degree of change is upon us collectively now, and why I feel hopeful even in the midst of all that’s happening around the world.

Change… and Hope
April 25, 2022

An earth-floor, deep-litter system​ has big benefits for the health and well-being of ​chickens, and it’s also the easiest way I know to build an ongoing compost creation system in which most of the work is done for you. ​This article shares ​what we’ve learned about ​deep-litter composting ​since we built ​our new earth floor chicken shed​ in 2019.

Deep Litter Composting With Chickens
April 13, 2022

Ideas and tips for tuning into Nature’s cycles to help us re-create the depth of meaning and connection that has been all but lost as the “consumer religion” has swept around the globe.

Reclaiming Meaning for Our Holy Days
March 28, 2022

The Equinoxes – the time of balanced light and dark at the midway point through Autumn and Spring – provide an opportunity to examine how we’re managing the balancing act between doing and resting. This short post shares an uncommon idea for our culture and our times: “It is safe to rest.”

Balancing Busy-ness with Rest
March 14, 2022

Recently I began to appreciate the sheer beauty of the Mexican tarragon in my garden. Then I learned what a delicious iced tea it makes, and from there I discovered its huge array of potential uses in the kitchen, the medicine cabinet, and the garden.

Mexican Tarragon