June 21, 2023

If we make our food gardens as much like natural ecosystems as we can, full of diversity and interconnections, they’ll be more vigorous and productive with less effort on our part.

Tips For Productive, Low Maintenance Food Gardens
June 12, 2023

Science is when someone asks nature a specific question and receives a specific answer. Science is ALSO when a bunch of fallible human beings all interact with each other in complicated ways to finally agree on what scientific theories they will then present to the rest of the world.

What if the Science Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story?
June 4, 2023

Choices are like coins – they always have two sides, and both sides stack up in terms of the direction we’re going.

Where Are Our Choices Taking Us?
May 2, 2023

7 small ways to start growing your own food, improving your nutrition, and lowering your grocery costs – even if you’re short on time, space, or confidence.

Supermarket Strategy #7 – Seven Ways to Start Growing Your Own Food in Small Spaces
April 2, 2023

A short post on how we use our time and those uncomfortable feelings of “not enough time,” and “not good enough.” Turns out, they might all be connected.

On “Not Enough Time,” and “Not Good Enough”
February 27, 2023

Once you know how to tell a male pumpkin flower from a female one, it’s a simple matter to hand pollinate your female flowers and be sure of more pumpkins, especially in rainy weather when pollinating insects aren’t on the job. (Or your pollinator population has been decimated by pesticides.)

How to Hand Pollinate Pumpkin Flowers
January 31, 2023

Whole foods require more planning and organization than processed convenience foods, but the pay-off is worth it. The benefits include: better nutrition, a feeling of empowerment and reconnection as you learn to engage with your food closer to its source, and the satisfaction in knowing you’re taking better care of the Earth just by how you eat.

Supermarket Strategy #6 – Wise Use of Whole Foods
December 22, 2022

Here you’ll find all the posts written on A Real Green Life in 2022.

Everything Posted on A Real Green Life in 2022
December 2, 2022

As you learn to inhabit your core Self more easily, and from there to bring your internal world into emotional regulation, you’re also developing the capacities that our wider world is asking of us.

How Tending Your Inner Parts, Besides Making You Feel Better, Helps Mend the World
November 14, 2022

Our physical and social environments have huge influence on our habits and behaviors. People who design supermarkets and sell products know this and take full advantage of it. This post will help you examine what’s shaping your shopping routines and your buying decisions, and learn how to change them.

Strategy #5 – What’s Shaping Your Grocery Shopping Habits?
October 25, 2022

Strategy #4 to help you dethrone the supermarket giants. Includes a link to the previous 3 strategies.

Strategy #4 – to Help Parents Spend Less at the Supermarket
October 12, 2022

Reducing our supermarket reliance ​means we can spend less, live better, and look our grandchildren in the eye. This post shares 3 strategies to get you started.

3 Supermarket Strategies to Help You Spend Less, Tread Lighter, and Live Better
September 24, 2022

We all have an inner life — an inner “garden.” When we neglect it, the useful, beautiful things in it whither and diminish, and the weeds take over. This post shares ways to help your inner garden thrive by tending it in alignment with Nature’s seasons.

New Beginnings in the Garden of You
September 5, 2022

Tips and hints about eating fresh, whole turmeric + our basic recipe for Turmeric Milk, or Golden Milk.

RealFood Turmeric + Golden Milk Recipe
August 29, 2022

How often do you say, “I don’t have time”? What if there were ways you could take ownership of how you experience time in your life?

The Lies That Keep You Trapped in “Not Enough Time”
August 22, 2022

In frost free areas we’re blessed to be able to grow tropical food plants in the summer and better known European style veggies in the winter. This time of year, spring, is especially abundant with its overlap between the cool weather and hot weather plants. This post shares pics and links to info for a small selection of food plants from our garden.

Subtropical Spring in a RealFood Garden
August 7, 2022

Spring​ is the time to look at the “seeds” or intentions we’ve been gestating over winter, to choose those with the best chances of surviving and thriving, and to let go of the rest of them. As in the garden, so in our inner lives. ​Otherwise, ​your coming “growing season” ​may be filled with too ​much stuff, or with stuff that isn’t serving you. And if it isn’t serving you then it also won’t be serving your world, which is an extension of you.

First Day of Spring (Southern Hemisphere)
August 1, 2022

This post shares lots of pics and a few tips on growing and harvesting ginger, and making ginger honey to settle coughs and for colds, flu, and general immune support. There are also some pics and tips on arrowroot harvesting and replanting, since we sometimes grow these two plants together.

Harvesting Ginger, Making Ginger Honey
June 26, 2022

Our “story,” of how the world works and who we are, is like a script that prompts our choices and actions. There is a new story available to us that prompts cooperative and life affirming behaviors rather than competitive and exploitative ones. Indigenous peoples and eastern spirituality have been indicating it, and the newest sciences are finally now “discovering” it. It’s a story that would put us on an entirely different trajectory. 

What’s Going To Happen Next?
June 23, 2022

There’s a reason why the words “food crisis” are making headlines, and it might not be the reason you think. Also in this post: three other random, hopeful things.

Food – are we facing a Crisis or an Opportunity?