One Small Serve 


Growing and processing your own food is a huge task. In One Small Serve, I show you a smaller, simpler approach to fit into a busy life. An approach that works for the long haul, rather than for just one gardening season. 

Learn how to grow & use 7 beginner-friendly plants that are

  • easy and very low-maintenance
  • productive for two or more years without replanting
  • deeply nutritious 

Establish a "one-serve-at-a-time" home-grown food habit you can maintain.

When you purchase "One Small Serve," I'll provide free email support to help you get your homegrown food habit started.

One Small Serve

How to Establish a "One-Serve-at-a-Time" Habit That You Can Maintain and Then Build on When You're Ready

Big, bountiful veggie gardens look great on the covers of Home and Garden magazines, but they're totally unrealistic and unsustainable for anyone who doesn’t have gardening as the center-piece of their life.

And anything you can't sustainno matter how much it might impress your friends and neighborsis ultimately just a drain on your time, resources, energy, and morale.

The "small and simple, little and often" approach in One Small Serve makes it easier and much more realistic to achieve one serve at a time of nutritious, homegrown food, consistently.

"Everything you need to know about some unusual, healthy and easy to grow vegetables you won't have to replant." 

Jayne Evans

Adv Dip Nutr Med, DHM

Nutritious dandelion is part of a productive low maintenance food garden

The plants

The plants in One Small Serve (and there are many others like them that you can learn about later):

  • can be harvested a little at a time for years without having to be re-planted,
  • are very productive and nutritious (much more nutritious than conventional veggies that have had the nutrition and vigor bred out of them), and
  • are very easy to grow and maintain for beginners and those with little time for gardening (some of them keep growing and persisting even when you completely ignore them!)

The Process

Each plant section contains detailed descriptions to help you grow all 7 of these edible plants easily and with a minimum of fuss including:

  • How to propagate easily and simply
  • Specific growing requirements for each plant, including sunlight, temperature, and moisture requirements
  • How to harvest and use each plant for one small serve at a time

When you purchase "One Small Serve," I'll provide free email support to help you get your homegrown food habit started.

Extra sections on nutrition & plant identification

  • The health benefits of bitter greens: Throughout our long co-evolution with the plants we eat, the bitter taste has been part of our diet. In modern diets it has largely disappeared, but research shows that eating bitter foods supports our health in many ways. Learn more about why the bitter taste of greens like dandelion is one of their most important nutritional attributes.
  • Optimum digestion of plant foods: Learn why plant foods are harder to digest than animal foods, and what to do about it.
  • Healthy fats - what and why: Read a brief overview of how healthy fats help us get more nutrition from our plant foods, as well as what fats and oils to choose from and which to avoid.
  • Being sure you have the right plant: Learn how the scientific naming system of plants works and how to use it if you need to, to be sure about the identity of any plant you're going to eat. 


what people say

Beautifully presented and written. Your clear instructions for growing and using these plants has inspired me to give them a go, and to overcome my past reluctance to try eating new things. 

I appreciate the links – I felt like it gave me a choice to how much information I want.

I think it is key that you want to ensure readers never eat the wrong plant! Your dandelion and chickweed descriptions are spot on, people couldn’t get it wrong if they read that. Your explanation about the scientific names of plants was also clear and helpful, especially for readers who might be intimidated or put off by scientific names. 

I’m amazed about celery, I had no idea it could live for years!

I'm interested in the tropical spinaches too. Honestly in the past the glueyness of malabar spinach has put me off tropical spinaches and that was unfair because I think the others have different tastes and textures; you've encouraged me to give them a go.

I really enjoyed your book and all the new ideas it opened up for me. Thank you very much!

Jodie, goodlife gardening


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When you purchase "One Small Serve," I'll provide free email support to help you get your homegrown food habit started.

Reader reviews

“ I enjoyed reading One Small Serve and learning from Kate about growing the plants she selected for this book.  Her choice of plants hones in on their high nutrition, ease of growing, and continuous harvesting, which makes the information in the book valuable for both the novice and experienced gardener.  Kate gives information on the plant’s history, identification, how to propagate, grow, harvest, and how we can use them in our daily lives either by eating them straight out of the garden, or cooking them with the methods that she provides in the book.  Kate takes a job that can seem overwhelming and sets us up for success by encouraging us to start with small steps, and in doing so helps us to build confidence and momentum.  I found the book to be very encouraging and Kate inspires us to grow even a small amount of our own food to feed our families."


"As a fellow food grower, I really enjoyed reading Kate’s book One Small Serve.  It has a wide range of information and gave me what I needed to have a go at growing the 7 plants she selected for the book.  I look forward to reading Kate’s future books like this one, covering other food plants to grow for our families."


"I wholeheartedly recommend 'One Small Serve' to anyone seeking to start or expand their home-grown food journey. Kate presents easily absorbed chunks of content in an accessible and engaging way. I gained confidence that I too can grow fresh, nutritious foods that nourish my family, helps reduce my consumption of plastic packaging and saves me money. "