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a basket of home made soap

Stuff we grow, make, & sell

Atherton Tablelands local?  Visit our stall at the Malanda Market
Atherton Tablelands local?  Visit our stall at the Malanda Market

PLEASE NOTE that we don't sell these products online (we may, in the future - contact us and let us know if you would like us to do so). But if you live locally on the Atherton Tablelands, feel free to contact us about the stuff we make or visit us at our Malanda Market Stall on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

Cattle standing under trees
pouring home made soap

Fragrance-Free, Skin-Friendly Tallow Soap


About tallow

Tallow is rendered fat from cattle. We use the fat from our own grass-fed, organically-raised, farm-butchered cattle. This is a resource that would otherwise go to waste when we butcher an animal for our own use.

Tallow is very similar to the sebum produced by our own skin – so much so that in Latin, a translation for “tallow” is “sebum.” It makes a soup that is very soothing and nourishing for sensitive skin, skin damaged or irritated by junk-laden soaps and harsh detergents, and for babies and the elderly. Also great for shaving.

About caustic soda

Caustic soda is a necessary ingredient in soap making. It's combined with water to form lye, which is then combined with a fat (in this case, tallow) to create a chemical reaction called saponification that creates something entirely different than fat or caustic: soap. The soap must be cured for 4 to 6 weeks to complete the saponification process. 

How we make our soap and how we ensure it's extra skin friendly

Read about our soap making process and how we make sure the final soap is extra skin-friendly. 

Why we don't use essential oils or other fragrances in our soap

Read all about it here.

What people say about our soap:

  • “Best shaving soap ever”
  •  “Solved a problem I had with stinging, itchy skin after showering”
  • “Resolved a rash on my hands, which comes back whenever I stop using this soap”
  • "I use it all over, including washing my hair"

Tooth Powder

image coming soon

Ingredients: bentonite clay, baking soda, salt, peppermint leaf powder, stevia leaf powder.

No essential oils, because those are potentially harmful to plant, aquatic, and human communities as well as completely unnecessary. 

More detail: The sweet, foamy stuff in the tubes in the supermarket is packed with ingredients that have nothing to do with cleaning our teeth or and are detrimental to oral health. Even most toothpastes labelled "natural" contain ingredients that are unfriendly to our oral micro-biome. And almost all of them are wastefully packaged.

Our tooth powder contains ONLY ingredients that are completely non-toxic: 

  • discourage unfriendly bacteria (without bombing your oral micro-biome)
  • stimulate healthy blood circulation in your gums,
  • bind with toxins to remove them,
  • and support the remineralization process of healthy tooth enamel

Your toddler could eat this without harm. And we use re-fillable containers that you can return for a reduced price on your next tub.

If you prefer a paste, you can add water or coconut oil to our tooth powder to form a paste. Do this in small quantities and don't try to store the paste for too long.

Oral health is a big topic and there's more to it than what you brush your teeth with, but this is a good start.

Refillable container - PLEASE RETURN THE CONTAINER FOR A REDUCED PRICE ON YOUR NEXT TUB. Refrigerate when not in use.

Ginger Honey

ginger honey image coming soon

Ingredients: organically grown ginger + raw unfiltered honey.

How to use: Use for coughs, colds, sore throats, cold or flu-related earaches, and sinus congestion. Tuck into it as soon as you feel a cold or flu coming on.

Strain out the lumps and use as cough medicine.

Pour boiling water over a teaspoonful (lumps and all) in a cup to make soothing ginger tea. Or put it (with or without the lumps) on your toast, drizzle it into your yogurt or muesli - enjoy it any way you would eat regular honey.

This is a live, probiotic food that will continue to "age" or ferment until you put it in the fridge, so do refrigerate if its going to be a while before you use it.

More detail: Ginger has an amazing array of medicinal uses and preserving it in honey is a great way to make them readily available. I wrote about making ginger honey, here. And about how we grow our ginger in our real food garden, here. 


Beeswax and olive oil lip balm 

image coming soon 

Ingredients: local bees wax + olive oil. 

Food for your lips. Beeswax comes from bee keepers who need our support to maintain honey bee populations.

No essential oils, because those are potentially harmful to plant, aquatic, and human communities as well as completely unnecessary.


Laundry Washing Liquid

image coming soon 

Ingredients: washing soda, our home-made soap, rain water, and plenty of "elbow grease." No essential oils, because those are unnecessary and potentially harmful. Utterly safe for you, your garden, and all your clothing, sheets, and towels.

(Note that if you have fabrics that need to stay a bright, unnatural white, or neon colors, this isn't the best washing liquid for those fabrics.)

Refillable container - PLEASE RETURN THE CONTAINER FOR A REDUCED PRICE ON YOUR NEXT BOTTLE. 15 year old Ella makes this to pay for her dance classes.

More about us

We're a family of 4 with a small farm near Millaa Millaa. For 15 years we've been practicing healthier choices in what we eat, wash with, and put on our skin. Recently we've begun to offer for sale some of the products we make for ourselves. 

It's all hand made in small batches at our kitchen table with the simplest and most local ingredients possible. Our goal is to source our ingredients first from our own garden and farm, secondly from local small businesses, and thirdly from ethical sellers who care about their impact.

We believe it's up to all of us, in our own kitchens, gardens, and communities, to get on with taking better care of ourselves, our families, and the world around us.