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7 Steps to a Frog Pond that Also Grows Food

7 Steps to a Frog Pond that Also Grows Food

(about a 6 to 8 minute read)

This post is all about how we built a pond for tadpoles and frogs that will also grow food-producing water plants and edge plants. It's our first attempt, so it's very small. If it works, we'll make more, or make this one bigger. Or both.

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Beyond Eggs: How to Keep Chickens Happy in Confinement

How to Keep Chickens ​Happy ​​in Confinement

​Approximately a ​6 minute read | Part 3 of ​a Series

The best way to have healthy, happy chickens is to integrate them into a thriving, bustling ecosystem that benefits from their presence. T​he alternative is keeping them in an environment that cannot sustain them – as in the typical coop-and-run that starts out green and ends up bare and brown. 

In this article, I’ll share ideas for keeping chickens as busy and well fed in a deep litter system as they are when out foraging for themselves – while also contributing to the care of the garden or farm system that they are part of, rather than being a drain on it.

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