Happy Meat, Happy Ecosystems, Happy People

What is “happy meat?” ​Is meat-eating inherently destructive, or can we have “happy ecosystems” along with happy meat? ​What does meat-eating mean for human health on a more-than physical level? And what about avoiding eating animal products because you care about ​animals’ welfare?

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Moving from Control Toward Intelligent Interaction, in Gardening and in Life

​What gardeners do ​is somewhere on a continuum from controlling the ​life (and death) cycles in the garden, to managing them, to interacting intelligently with them. We tend to default to ​control because of our culturally ingrained assumption that without control there will be chaos and anarchy.

​​This has implications far beyond the garden. How do our ​​assumptions about the need for control shape our world?

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The Dark Moon – Realigning Ourselves With the Rhythm of Life

The moon influences the ocean and its tides, the flow of sap and the life force in our gardens, and the behavior of many different birds, animals, and crustaceans. If we choose to pay attention, it can also indicate ways that we humans can align ourselves with the rhythms and cycles of life in our efforts to bring ourselves back into harmony with nature.

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