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Connections in a RealFood Garden

a curling tendril with a caterpillar on it, gripping a stem

Connections in a RealFood Garden

About a 3 minute read
6th December, 2021

My definition of a “RealFood garden” is a garden that’s easy to maintain and meets real, basic, every-day needs for food and medicine. Plants that thrive in such a garden do so because they connect to other plants and to the gardener's kitchen and healthcare needs in mutually beneficial ways.

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Let’s Choose a More Empowering Story

Let's Choose a More Empowering Story

about a 2 minute read

Our ancestors’ ingenuity and know-how kept them alive for untold generations – long enough for us to come along. Everything they knew is still available to us. We're just not using it because we've let it go missing from the stories we tell ourselves. 

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Essential Oils: Some Things to Consider

Essential Oils: Some Things to Consider

(4 - 5 minute read)

People tend to think that because they come from plants, essential oils are always safe and beneficial to use. But essential oils are highly concentrated and extremely powerful, are harvested and processed on an industrial scale, have big impacts on plants and communities, and should be used sparingly, with caution and respect.

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Nature’s Original Toothbrush

Nature's Original Toothbrush

(5 - 6 minute read)

Researching the topic of homemade toothpastes recently, I began to wonder what people did before there were plastic toothbrushes. Turns out we’ve been cleaning our teeth since probably before we walked upright on two legs. Here's how it was done (and in many parts of the world, still is).

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Supermarket Food is Like a Tiger in a Zoo

Supermarket Food is Like a Tiger in a Zoo

This post is about a 2 minute read

Real food is more expensive than supermarket food if you measure only in dollars. But here’s the thing: if you can measure its value in dollars, it’s not really real food.

The value of food was never meant to be measured. To measure something, you have to separate it out from the other things it’s connected to. As soon as you do that, it becomes a hollow copy of what it was before it was isolated.

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Weeds: Real Nutrition for Free

Weeds: Real Nutrition, for Free

About a 4 mintue read

If you’re walking over chickweed and dandelion in your lawn or ignoring a nettle patch by the garden wall as you hop in the car and drive to the grocery store and pharmacy, you’re passing up opportunities for a quality of nutrition that no supermarket or pharmacy can ever provide.

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7 Ways to use the Humble Choko Vine

​7 Ways to use the Humble Choko Vine

​Approximately a ​4 minute read
Originally published Nov 6th, 2018, at PermacultureNews.org

Green choko fruit and leaf on vine

Chokos, plentifully displayed in baskets and crates at farmers markets in our area throughout the summer months, are boring, bland, and not very useful. 

That's what I used to think, but I've changed my mind.

This short article shares 7 of the ways I use chokos and choko vines since I gained a better appreciation for them.

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Real Food does not come from Supermarkets: 6 Steps from Bare Ground to Homegrown Veggies

​​6 Steps to Homegrown Veggies 

​Approximately a 6 ​minute read | Originally published July 1st, 2018, at PermacultureNews.Org

I imagine that when our grandchildren and great grandchildren read in history books about the supermarkets we relied ​on for food, they’ll wonder what we were thinking.  

My goal is to get to where our family can live without the supermarket entirely. There are many things we have yet to learn on this path; one of our major areas of focus right now is learning to grow more of our own vegies. ​

Recently, we ate our first ever homegrown cauliflower. This post shares how I got from "I don't think I could grow brassicas," to "Ooh look – a cauliflower!"  By the end of the article you’ll appreciate that if we can do it, anyone can.

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