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5 Questions to Help You Learn From Last Year and Make the Most of This Year

5 Questions to Help You learn from Last Year and Make the Most of This Year

About a 6-7 minute read
28th December, 2021

This year instead of just setting New Year intentions, I looked back first to see what I could learn from last year. The results were revealing, and I feel good about what I learned and the intentions I ended up setting. In this article I’ll share the journaling process I used. It works for New Year rituals, but it also works for other endings/beginnings too.

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Difficult Emotions are Allies in Disguise

Difficult Emotions are Allies in Disguise

About a 5 - 6 minute read
7th December, 2021

This started from a gathering of few recent entries in my personal journal and grew into a post about difficult emotions, where they might be coming from, what might be amplifying them, and why it's important to be gentle with yourself when they show up. 

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Get Off the Bus

Get off the Bus

About a 7 to 8 minute read
15th November, 2021

In this article, the “bus” I’m talking about is entire populations of people all gabbling without listening to one another and without thinking clearly. The bus is hurtling toward a cliff, with no-one in the driver’s seat. The opinions, the conflict, the angst, are all fueling the bus.

Here’s how to understand what’s going on, and how to disengage from the insanity.

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3 Ways to Bring Ourselves Home

3 Ways to Bring Ourselves Home

About a 4 minute read
8th November, 2021

Last week, I wrote a post in which I explained what I mean by the term, "empowered thinking." One of the things I said about "thinking," is that you have a limited amount of mental space and it's up to you to choose what to fill it with. In this post, I'll share 3 practices for using our thinking to "bring ourselves home."

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Empowered Thinking for Deep Change

Empowered Thinking for Deep Change

About a 6 minute read
1st November, 2021

We're so in the habit of controlling each other/being controlled that we've forgotten how to think for ourselves. We're so overwhelmed by the challenges we face that we assume there's nothing we can do (and it's all our fault).  And we assume that controlling each other is necessary and failing was inevitable because humans are just basically bad.

Let's re-examine these habits and assumptions.

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The ​3 ​Skill Sets ​​​We Need for a ​​Kinder Culture

Bridge and pathway

The 3 Skill Sets We Need for a Kinder Culture

(about a 6 minute read)

There are three core skill sets that I believe can help us be more effective in holding space for more compassionate, just, sustainable, and enjoyable ways of living and doing business.

Until I think of better names for them, I’m calling them: Internal Self-parenting Skills, Sustainable Living Skills, and Relationship Skills. In this article I summarize each of them.

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When “Do Something” Fails, There is Another Way

When "Do Something" Fails, There Is Another Way

About a 3 minute read

The logical mind wants to muscle its way to the results we want; when muscle is inadequate to the task, we think we’ve failed and we’re out of options.

The heart, on the other hand, is not afraid to invoke the results we want by the quality of our attention and the power of our desire to give what we don’t physically have to give.  

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Expanding on the Grandmother Effect

Expanding on the Grandmother Effect

About an 18 minute read. Download the free PDF here.

The “Grandmother Hypothesis,” or Grandmother Effect, is the idea that the presence of grandmothers helping in the care of their grand-offspring has been an important factor in human survival and evolution. 

I think that the powers of older women extend far beyond babysitting (valuable as that is), and I think we need their contributions more now than ever before. Here's why.

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Through the Lenses of Separation vs Interbeing

Through the Lenses of Separation and Interbeing

About a 2 minute read

Logical, rational thinking understandably sees things as separate. 'I am me; that is something "other" than me.'

The “other” can be another person, another group separate from the group to which I belong, or a non-human entity like a river or a forest.

There is another way to see things. Through a lens of interbeing, I am still me, but now I recognize that I’m closely related to everything that the mindset of separation calls “other.”

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Carbon Accounting Isn’t Working

Carbon Accounting Isn't Working

This post is about a 2 minute read

The climate movement is engaging the world in the wrong discussion1.

The problem with focusing on carbon accounting is that it leads people on both sides of the debate into thinking that so long as we emit less carbon/sequester more carbon, business can otherwise continue as usual and everything will be ok.

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