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Herb Pesto (and Mulberry Milkshake)

Herb Pesto (and Mulberry Milkshake)

about a 4 minute read, lots of pics

Not that I have anything against basil, but pesto can be made with any edible green leaf or leaf combination. When all you see in your garden is edible leafy greens, pesto is a great way to serve up all that nutrition in a form that's easy and appealing to eat. In this post, I share my recent successful parsley pesto experiment.

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8 Abundant Fodder Forest Plants, & How to Use Them

​8 Abundant "Fodder Forest" Plants & How to Use Them 

​​5 minute read | Also published at PermacultureNews.org

fence and green foliage

​This morning when I went to feed the animals, I thought I’d start with collecting some pigeon pea for ​the horses, and see what I could find for the pigs​ in the fodder forest while I was there.

Our fodder forest is a small beginning in my long-term goal to ​eliminate our dependence on fossil fuel-based agriculture.

This article lists 8 of my favorite multi-purpose fodder-and-food plants, and some of the ways I use them.


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