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Re-examining Freedom

​Re-examining Freedom 

(Approximately a ​4 minute read)

​Up until around the time ​we became parents, ​Alain ​and I ​never questioned our assumptions about freedom. ​​

​The story of our time says ​this is ​normal:

  • to ​be chained to debt and to schedules, 
  • to have ​little or no control over where our food originates, 
  • to be walled off from nature, 
  • and to be more connected to ​each other via screens than in person.  

​This post describes how we began to question that story, and to re-examine ​what freedom means to us. 

​(This is Part 3 in a Series about our family's journey towards real and green.)

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Expanding Awareness

Expanding Awareness

(A 3 to 4 minute read)

"It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

— Jiddu Krishnamurti

The fabric of wholeness that once gave us a sense of purpose and belonging—connecting us into a web of responsibility, relationships and health among family, community and nature—has come undone.

In this post, parenthood prompts me to explore this unraveling, and to begin a search for the solutions to it. 

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About Our Backgrounds

​About Our Backgrounds

​(​Approximately a 4 minute read)

​​The story begins with our beginnings​: One of us growing up in rural Australia, the other in a small town in Switzerland, our individual life paths leading us toward a meeting in Colorado, USA.

This post also tells of our Natural Horsemanship ​path and ​our ​surprising decision to step off it, at the outset of a new journey towards real and green.

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