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Will this Type of Agriculture Feed Your Grandchildren?

​Will this Type of Agriculture ​Feed Your Grandchildren?

An Introduction to Syntropic Farming

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​How ​can you tell if a system of agriculture is capable of feeding your grandchildren?

​All regenerative agriculture systems​—that is, ways of growing food and other products that are truly sustainable​—have one thing in common: ​they ​place at least as much importance on ecosystem regeneration as ​on ​producing a harvest, because they recognize that without an ecosystem to support food growing, there cannot be healthy food.​

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Regenerative Farming and Gardening

Regenerative Farming and Gardening

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Regenerative gardening and farming has an intention not just to feed people, but to build soils, care for ecology, and leave the entire web of life stronger, richer, more complex and more resilient after our growing systems are in place, than it was before.

Growing food regeneratively means growing food in ecosystems, not mono-cultures. Biologically diverse, stable ecosystems that can grow more vigorous and more bountiful with each passing season.

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