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Building Ecosystems as a Side-Effect of Growing Food

Building Ecosystems as a Side Effect of Growing Food

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Strongly interrelated and networked elements in a vegetable garden, an orchard, a community, or any other living system, are healthier and happier than isolated fragments of life subsisting alone and unmoored.

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Will this Type of Agriculture Feed Your Grandchildren?

​Will this Type of Agriculture ​Feed Your Grandchildren?

An Introduction to Syntropic Farming

​5 minute read | ​Also published at PermacultureNews.org

​How ​can you tell if a system of agriculture is capable of feeding your grandchildren?

​All regenerative agriculture systems​—that is, ways of growing food and other products that are truly sustainable​—have one thing in common: ​they ​place at least as much importance on ecosystem regeneration as ​on ​producing a harvest, because they recognize that without an ecosystem to support food growing, there cannot be healthy food.​

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