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Okinawa Spinach

The green and purple leaves of okinawa spinach

​​Okinawa Spinach

About a 4-minute read, tips on ​growing and eating, lots of pics

​Okinawa spinach is not a spinach at all, but a perennial leafy green.

The tops of the leaves are dark green with a striking purple underside. With frequent pruning (harvesting) it forms a handsome, dense, non-vining ground-cover.

You could landscape your front yard or your sidewalk with this plant and no-one need know, unless you tell them, that it’s edible and nutritious​. The best part is that the more you eat it, the better it looks.  

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Homemade Ginger Sauerkraut

​Growing Ginger + Making Sauerkraut
​= Homemade Ginger Sauerkraut

​Recipe + tips | ​​Lots of pictures | ​ ​About a 6 minute read​

This post is about ​how the ginger ​growing in ​our garden has inspired successful homemade sauerkraut in ​our kitchen, and ​how ​that in turn has inspired better maintenance of the ginger plants in ​the garden. 

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How to Harvest and Use Queensland Arrowroot

How to Harvest and Use Queensland Arrowroot

Harvesting & Cooking tips | Lots of pictures | Short Tutorial Video | 4 minute read

Queensland arrowroot ​(Canna edulis) provides food for us, food for chickens, pigs, cattle and goats, mulch and/or compost material, and shelter for other plants. It's super easy to grow and to harvest and it self-propagates to a certain extent but is not weedy or invasive. And I think it looks beautiful. 

What more could a polyculture food grower ask?

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