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Farm Update: In the Garden

Farm Update: In the Garden

about a 3 minute read, lots of pics
7th Feb, 2022

Pictures and commentary from our garden. Plants that get a particular mention are pawpaws and sweet potatoes, and there are brief references to quite a few other food plants/herbs, most of them with links to further reading if you're interested..  

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​​1 Garden Meal per Day: Simple Strategy, Abundant Benefits

1 Garden Meal per Day: Simple Strategy, Abundant Benefits

About a 6-7 minute read
17th January, 2022

I'm convinced that the best way to get more effective at growing your own food is to make it as easy and simple as possible to eat something--anything--directly from your garden on a daily basis. Here are 5 categories of low-maintenance food plants (or plant parts) you might have been overlooking, along with strategies for using them to build more food sovereignty into your life.

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Building Ecosystems as a Side-Effect of Growing Food

Building Ecosystems as a Side Effect of Growing Food

About a 5 minute read

Strongly interrelated and networked elements in a vegetable garden, an orchard, a community, or any other living system, are healthier and happier than isolated fragments of life subsisting alone and unmoored.

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5 Cut and Carry Goat Fodder Plants that Poultry, Pigs, Cattle and People can also eat

5 Cut & Carry Goat Fodder plants that Chickens, Pigs, Cattle and People can also eat

(Approximately a 6 minute read)

Growing our own milk, eggs, and / or meat is a step in the right direction, but relying on the feed store to help us do it means we’re still relying on fossil fuel-based agriculture and supply systems.

Since our goal is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, at the time of writing this article I was growing an increasing amount of our own goat feed, for our two milking goats.

To make it onto the list that you’re about to read, these plants had to be great for goat fodder, AND serve a variety of other functions as well.

(Please note that some of the plants listed here were also listed in “8 Abundant Fodder Forest Plants, and How to Use Them.”)

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8 Abundant Fodder Forest Plants, & How to Use Them

​8 Abundant "Fodder Forest" Plants & How to Use Them 

​​5 minute read | Also published at PermacultureNews.org

fence and green foliage

​This morning when I went to feed the animals, I thought I’d start with collecting some pigeon pea for ​the horses, and see what I could find for the pigs​ in the fodder forest while I was there.

Our fodder forest is a small beginning in my long-term goal to ​eliminate our dependence on fossil fuel-based agriculture.

This article lists 8 of my favorite multi-purpose fodder-and-food plants, and some of the ways I use them.


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