Why We Doubt Our Intrinsic Worth

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Our culture measures the worth of children in “good behavior” that reflects well on parents, caregivers, and teachers.

We measure the worth of adults in terms of visible wealth, status, followers, beauty (defined by very narrow criteria), youth, and power.

No wonder we have difficulty seeing and identifying with our own intrinsic worth.


  • A reader commented on this post by email:

    Good morning from Zanzibar,

    yes, Kate, you have struck a chord there.

    We are doing permaculture, less “value” and more community work, re-wilding and tuning in to indigenous approaches of bringing change for the better.

    In modern society, the small and larger benefits (even that word cannot describe the value) cannot be measured the way we were taught to think, and therefore often cannot be valued by outsiders.

    “How many people benefit from your project?”

    Hell, how would we know? And how would we be able to measure?


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