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Let’s Choose a More Empowering Story

Let's Choose a More Empowering Story

about a 2 minute read

Our ancestors’ ingenuity and know-how kept them alive for untold generations – long enough for us to come along. Everything they knew is still available to us. We're just not using it because we've let it go missing from the stories we tell ourselves. 

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The People’s Medicine

The People's Medicine

(a 3 to 4 minute read)

There is an easy, accessible practice that should be WAY better known. It's the practice of using common plants in basic preparations to support health. (This is not a how-to article, but it does link to resources that will help you with the how-to.)

Here are 9 quotes from herbalists about the oldest and simplest medicine in the world so simple, a child can do it.

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Yarrow for Wound First Aide

Yarrow for Wound First Aide

(2 - 3 minute read)

The herb yarrow (Achillea millefoleum) has had many names, attesting to its many, many uses. Its particularly well known for its ability to quickly stop blood loss and help heal wounds. 

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