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Why We Doubt Our Intrinsic Worth

Why We Doubt Our Intrinsic Worth

This is a super-short post; just a few seconds to read

Our culture measures the worth of children in “good behavior” that reflects well on parents, caregivers, and teachers.

We measure the worth of adults in terms of visible wealth, status, followers, beauty (defined by very narrow criteria), youth, and power.

No wonder we have difficulty seeing and identifying with our own intrinsic worth.

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Weeds: Real Nutrition for Free

Weeds: Real Nutrition, for Free

About a 4 mintue read

If you’re walking over chickweed and dandelion in your lawn or ignoring a nettle patch by the garden wall as you hop in the car and drive to the grocery store and pharmacy, you’re passing up opportunities for a quality of nutrition that no supermarket or pharmacy can ever provide.

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Okinawa Spinach

The green and purple leaves of okinawa spinach

Okinawa Spinach

About a 4-minute read, tips on growing and eating, lots of pics

Okinawa spinach is not a spinach at all, but a perennial leafy green.

The tops of the leaves are dark green with a striking purple underside. With frequent pruning (harvesting) it forms a handsome, dense, non-vining ground-cover.

You could landscape your front yard or your sidewalk with this plant and no-one need know, unless you tell them, that it’s edible and nutritious. The best part is that the more you eat it, the better it looks.  

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Homemade Ginger Sauerkraut

Growing Ginger + Making Sauerkraut
= Homemade Ginger Sauerkraut

Recipe + tips | Lots of pictures | About a 6 minute read
May '20, updated Nov '21

This post is about how the ginger growing in our garden has inspired successful homemade sauerkraut in our kitchen, and how that in turn has inspired better maintenance of the ginger plants in the garden. 

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How to Harvest and Use Queensland Arrowroot

How to Harvest and Use Queensland Arrowroot

Harvesting & Cooking tips | Lots of pictures | Short Tutorial Video | 4 minute read

Queensland arrowroot (Canna edulis) provides food for us, food for chickens, pigs, cattle and goats, mulch and/or compost material, and shelter for other plants. It's super easy to grow and to harvest and it self-propagates to a certain extent but is not weedy or invasive. And I think it looks beautiful. 

What more could a polyculture food grower ask?

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Why Your Least Visible Work is Your Most Important Work

Why Your Least Visible Work
is Your Most Important Work

Approximately a 5 minute read

The smallest of the issues you care about is related to, and inseparable from, the largest.

Raising happy, healthy kids and teaching them to care for themselves and others, living a fulfilling and ethical life, animal welfare, forests, communities, species extinctions, re-building soils, cleaning up the oceans, social justice… the list goes on. And on. It is overwhelmingly long.

This final article in this
Series explores how you can be sure that even (perhaps especially) the “littlest” things you do are important to the whole, if they’re done with wholesome intent.

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