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Sweet Violet – Edible, Medicinal, Beautiful

Sweet Violet - Edible, Medicinal, Beautiful

A 3-4 minute read

There is a little plant I've been on the look-out for, and I'm delighted to have finally found her. 

Please allow me to introduce you to Sweet Violet (Viola odorata), a delicate, beautiful little ground-covering plant with a super-long list of nutritive, medicinal, and sense-pleasing attributes.

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Okinawa Spinach

The green and purple leaves of okinawa spinach

Okinawa Spinach

About a 4-minute read, tips on growing and eating, lots of pics

Okinawa spinach is not a spinach at all, but a perennial leafy green.

The tops of the leaves are dark green with a striking purple underside. With frequent pruning (harvesting) it forms a handsome, dense, non-vining ground-cover.

You could landscape your front yard or your sidewalk with this plant and no-one need know, unless you tell them, that it’s edible and nutritious. The best part is that the more you eat it, the better it looks.  

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7 Easy Substitutes for When Lettuce Won’t Grow

7 Easy Substitutes for When Lettuce Won't Grow

5 - 6 minute read | Also published on PermacultureNews.org

Here are 6 plants that can withstand heat and high humidity without collapsing into sad little smears of slime, and that you can put in a salad without alienating your salad eaters.

The 7th plant on the list, while very small in stature and not fitting the tropical perennial profile, none-the-less makes a super-sized contribution to the salad bowl.

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7 Ways to use the Humble Choko Vine

​7 Ways to use the Humble Choko Vine

​Approximately a ​4 minute read
Originally published Nov 6th, 2018, at PermacultureNews.org

Green choko fruit and leaf on vine

Chokos, plentifully displayed in baskets and crates at farmers markets in our area throughout the summer months, are boring, bland, and not very useful. 

That's what I used to think, but I've changed my mind.

This short article shares 7 of the ways I use chokos and choko vines since I gained a better appreciation for them.

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Real Food does not come from Supermarkets: 6 Steps from Bare Ground to Homegrown Veggies

​​6 Steps to Homegrown Veggies 

​Approximately a 6 ​minute read | Originally published July 1st, 2018, at PermacultureNews.Org

I imagine that when our grandchildren and great grandchildren read in history books about the supermarkets we relied ​on for food, they’ll wonder what we were thinking.  

My goal is to get to where our family can live without the supermarket entirely. There are many things we have yet to learn on this path; one of our major areas of focus right now is learning to grow more of our own vegies. ​

Recently, we ate our first ever homegrown cauliflower. This post shares how I got from "I don't think I could grow brassicas," to "Ooh look – a cauliflower!"  By the end of the article you’ll appreciate that if we can do it, anyone can.

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