One Moment at a Time

​One Moment at a Time 

​3 to 4 minute read

In Part 1 of this Series we talked about how making a difference to any sized challenge in our lives requires that we start with ourselves, at the very center of what gives rise to our ways of being in the world. 

Here in Part 2 we’ll consider a way of looking at even the big challenges that breaks them down to a manageable size.

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There is Only One Place to Begin

​There Is Only One Place to Begin 

​Approximately a 4 minute read

January of a new year and a new decade is already over, and most of us have been reminded that resolutions and to-do lists and bucket lists don’t come to fruition via wishful thinking.

And as catastrophic fires burn into 2020 in Australia following unprecedented 2019 fires in California, Canada, Alaska, Greece and Brazil, as school children march in city streets asking for policy change, and as all of us face—or hide from—our concerns about what our future holds…

… you may have wondered, this January, whether you should be doing more than just making personal resolutions about living a better life?

But how can we do more than we already are? And how can we have any impact?

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Beyond Eggs: How to Keep Chickens Happy in Confinement

How to Keep Chickens ​Happy ​​in Confinement

​Approximately a ​6 minute read | Part 3 of ​a Series

The best way to have healthy, happy chickens is to integrate them into a thriving, bustling ecosystem that benefits from their presence. T​he alternative is keeping them in an environment that cannot sustain them – as in the typical coop-and-run that starts out green and ends up bare and brown. 

In this article, I’ll share ideas for keeping chickens as busy and well fed in a deep litter system as they are when out foraging for themselves – while also contributing to the care of the garden or farm system that they are part of, rather than being a drain on it.

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Beyond Eggs – 8 Advantages of Deep Litter Housing for Chickens

​Eight Advantages of Deep Litter

​Approximately a ​​6 minute read | Part 2 of ​a Series

This article series is about managing your chicken flock effectively so that ALL of their outputs, not just the eggs, are put to good use in service of the ecosystem they live within – your garden or farm.

In Part 1 we looked through this lens at the pros and cons of allowing unlimited free range and of using mobile pens. 

Here, I’ll describe the advantages of deep litter and explain why​ we’re trialing a deep litter run with no outside foraging. 

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Beyond Eggs – Pros and Cons of Free Range and Mobile Pens

Pros and Cons of Free Range and Mobile Pens ​

​Approximately a ​7 to 8 minute read | Part 1 of ​a Series | Also published at Permaculture.Org

Well-managed chickens can provide eggs and meat as well as composting assistance, sanitation and pest reduction, soil amendment services, and entertainment.

But poorly managed chickens tend to focus all their talents and energy into very destructive pursuits, as you know if you’ve had your seedlings repeatedly dug up or your fruit trees efficiently de-mulched.

​How ​can we harness all that chickens have to offer, in ways that keep everybody happy, healthy and productive?

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Out-Growing Consumerism 5: What We Must Do

Out-Growing Consumerism 5:
What We Must Do

 5 minute read | Part 5 of a 5-part Series| Also published at PermacultureNews.Org

Self-determination is the ability to re-parent ourselves: to learn new ways of being that may be very different from the ways we learned as children. 

This is difficult, uncomfortable work, but it broadens the path for the feet that follow, making it easier for all of us to out-grow not only consumerism but also all the forms of separation and alienation from each other and from nature that have befallen us.

This article follows on from “Out-Growing Consumerism: School, Screens, and Our Kids.”

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Out-Growing Consumerism 4: School, Screens, and Our Kids

​Out-Growing Consumerism 4:
School, Screens, and Our Kids

​4 minute read | Part 4 of a 5-part Series | Also published at

​What too many ​children learn at school is not to take risks and not trust ​their own thinking. When digital data-harvesting ​enters the mix, ​it becomes the perfect recipe for producing compliant consumers.

This article continues on from “Out-Growing Consumerism 3: Living a Self-Determined Life.”

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Out-Growing Consumerism 3: A Self-determined Life

​​Out-Growing ​Consumerism 3:
A Self-Determined Life

​​4 - 5 minute read | Part 3 of a Series | Also published ​at

The consumer culture has an easy path which leads us to behave like dependent juveniles for our entire lives.

The alternate path—more difficult but very worthwhile—leads to increasing self-determination and self-reliance, which is very bad for the growth economy.

That’s why no profit-focused corporation will ever fund government policies to encourage the public to behave like this.

This article continues on from “Out-Growing Consumerism 2: An Act of Subversion.”

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Out-Growing Consumerism 2: An Act of Subversion

​​Out-Growing Consumerism 2:
An Act of Subversion

​​4 ​minute read​ | Part 2 of a Series | also published on

​​Better questions lead to more informed choices, enabling you to live a life designed by you rather than one that’s handed to you as a member of the consumer culture. 

This article continues on from “Out-Growing Consumerism 1: What Should Never Have Been for Sale.”

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Out-Growing Consumerism 1: What Should Never Have Been For Sale

Out-Growing ​Consumerism 1:
What Should Never Have Been for Sale

​4 minute read | Part 1 ​of a Series​ | Also published at PermacultureNews.Org

​There’s a subtle mantra playing in the background that we’re so accustomed to, we no longer notice it:

​“Consume something. You’ll feel better.” 

Having monetized everything else, in order to keep growing the consumer economy now needs to monetize the space inside your head.

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