Backyard Chickens, and the Interconnectedness of All Things

​​Backyard Chickens, and the Interconnectedness of all Things

This 3-Part Series ​starts off with our cultural lack of understanding about our place in the web of life, which is at the root of why our efforts to address ecological destruction aren’t working yet.

If you were mainly interested in chickens, stay with me – I’ll get onto backyard chickens in the second part of Part 1, and then I’ll stick almost entirely to chickens for the rest of the Series.

​I'll share stories about the unique differences in the ways hens mother their chicks, how the chicks mature toward independence, and ​the fascinating ways that one of our roosters ​involves himself in the lives of our hens.

Please note that this is not a “how to take care of chickens” Series. This is about enjoying and appreciating chickens as more than just egg-layers and garden-scratchers. ​

By extension, it's also about ​appreciating any living thing beyond just its immediately apparent functions ​ and why that's especially relevant if you care deeply about our living world, and feel powerless to make a difference in caring for ​it.

​Here are the posts in this Series

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